Top Tier Technology Solutions

Top Tier Technology Solutions provides IT consulting services for the Midlands and surrounding areas. Our partnership with Microsoft Office 365 allows us to work with a variety of industries and offer insight on mobility, scalability and productivity.

Office 365 provides a familiar footprint full of innovative services and capabilities. Our experience allows our customers to become more knowledgeable in all the ways Office 365 can partner with them and their business.

The mission at Top Tier Technology Solutions is to provide support, information and expertise that’s will allow our customers to become more efficient and productive. Let us show you how cloud based solutions can take your company to the next level.

Top Tier Techs

Cloud Computing

Why the Cloud?

  • Reduce costs associated with running an independent IT infrastructure
  • Allow for scalability as your needs change
  • Accessible from anywhere you have internet access
  • Network backup provides data security
  • Encourage mobility by providing the ability to work from anywhere


In today’s tech based world security is a top priority. Office 365 allows for extensive security protocols ranging from monitored Anti-Virus end-points to SonicWall Security Devices. Protect your company with the help of Office 365.


Now more than ever, having mobile workforce capability is a must. Office 365 integration allows for your business to run no matter where you or your employees are located. Take advantage of all the mobile workforce has to offer!

Back Up Solutions

• Managed IT Solutions

• Back Up Solutions

• Hosting & Cloud Computing

IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility – With full integration of Office 365, we now have the ability to access all of our Microsoft Office features everywhere!  Through our experience with Office 365 we grew a passion for enabling a mobile workforce while maintaining their security.  Users having access to data and the ability to collaborate regardless of location provides for an organic work environment for a small business to flourish.

Cloud Computing  –  The ultimate questions is: What is the Cloud? Simply stated the cloud is all of the parts of the internet that are unused.  When we utilize the cloud we are able to access  data from any internet connected location giving us the mobility to work from anywhere.  Yes, we mean anywhere!  Why not take a day in the park to conduct business?!  ​

Security –  Security and privacy is our top priority, for this reason we have aligned ourselves with Microsoft Office 365 for all our cloud productivity needs.  With their threat analysis systems built into their hosted email services to their hardened user controls for file hosting, Microsoft ensures your email and data is safe.